What’s the Difference Between a Contractor and a Consultant

What’s the difference between a Contractor and a Consultant?

I love this question because it’s something that I feel strongly about. I’ve been both a contractor and a Consultant, and from personal experience, I can say that a contractor does things that the organization doesn’t want to do, and a Consultant does things that an organization doesn’t know how to do.

A contractor engages in tactical engagements with an organization while a Consultant deals mainly with the strategic engagements. It’s not to say that Consultants don’t engage in tactical endeavors, they do, but for the most part, they stay strategic. Delivering to the client the insights based on industry knowledge and research to bring a level of understanding from a non-biased standpoint that is pertinent to the organization’s particular initiative.

Consultants also bring a very high-level vision spanning many industry verticals that may be applicable to what the client is wanting to do that in most cases enhances the client’s perspective that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.

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