I will do good design
Want to showcase your UX Skills? The ultimate goal is to fulfil user needs by providing the best user experience possible. But just behind that is to have our work noticed. We can’t help it, we all have a bit of an ego. Well, here’s your chance. A contest that […]

Web Design and Development Contest With Cash Prizes Worth $10000

Customer Journey Maps Journey maps are a way to visualize the customers journey through their entire experience with your product, service, site, etc… The examples listed are from an animated journey mapping exercise to static imagery. What’s important is hwo they arrive at the customer journey. Journey Map Examples In […]

Journey Maps

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Shared libraries are a powerful tool in iRise that lets users create screen elements and make them available to everyone with access to the Definition Center. To launch the online editor just open the Definition Center; When you log in to the Definition Center you’ll see the a view of […]

Shared Libraries in iRise

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Setting up and creating views is one of the basic behaviors that’s available in the online editor. And since views are the cornerstone of displaying different types of behaviors in your visualizations…, it’s kind of a big deal. Luckily it’s extremely easy to set up and look at views so […]

Creating Views in the iRise Online Editor

How UX is impacting big data centers
UX impact on Business UX is making a direct impact in businesses across all industry groups. What used to be thought of as a nice to have,┬áhas now become the defacto standard if you’re wanting to stay competitive in the current landscape. No longer are companies thinking in terms of […]

How UX is impacting big data centers

Superscript Pricing Creating superscript pricing in iRise isn’t as straightforward as you might think. It requires a bit of a workaround if you want to be able to use the dynamic capabilities in iRise. In this scenario, we’ve got an e-commerce store that will have superscript pricing that will show […]

Superscript Pricing in iRise

Creating a Carousel Slider Carousel sliders are commonplace in sites. This quick tutorial shows you how to set one up and have it fed from datasheets.  

Carousel in iRise

One of the most tedious tasks in creating an iRise visualization is managing the navigation. Setting up a dynamic navigaiton structure that can be edited in a datasheet can save you tons of time and frustration.

Dynamic Navigation in iRise

iRise 11 desktop
iRise 11 adds requirements gathering capabilities that sets it above and beyond it's competitors.

What’s New in iRise 11

Editor view
Since the introduction of the iRise Online Editor that allows you to create screens with incredible speed and basic interaction capabilities, all while participating in the discussions with stakeholders, real-time engagements have gone through the roof. At least for me anyway. To launch the iRise Online Editor Launch the Definition […]

The iRise Online Editor

Definition Center dashboard
The Definition Center dashboard doesn’t show my project Sometimes when you login to the Definition Center dashboard you won’t be able to find the project you’re looking for. This can be extremely frustrating especially if you’re trying to show the iRise visualization to your team or a set of stakeholders. […]

iRise Definition Center Dashboard